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Insect Production

PROteINSECT places its primary research emphasis on developing economically viable insect production methodologies for the production of material for incorporation into animal feeds.

Insect protein is a natural component of the diets of fish and mono-gastric (poultry and pig) livestock.  The integrated development of scalable insect production technologies offers real potential to alleviate globally the current reliance on non-sustainable plant and fish based protein products for animal feed.

Countries such as China, Ghana and Mail have a wealth of expertise not currently present in Europe. PROteINSECT will build upon this expertise to develop insect rearing systems that are appropriate for both the developed and developing countries.

PROteINSECT research will focus on:

  • Two fly species Musca domestica (housefly) and Hermetia illuscens (black soldier fly)
  • Optimizing the substrates, derived from organic waste streams (such as food waste and  animal manures) used for insect development
  • Developing the appropriate infrastructure to contain and separate high volumes of insect larvae
  • Evaluating methods for drying and storage of the insect material prior to processing
  • Minimising the effect of natural enemies on production
  • Developing economic uses for the waste material remaining after insect production, e.g. as composts or fertilisers



Download the PROteINSECT JabRev List

Each female house fly can lay up to 500 eggs

House fly larvae meal has a reported protein content of 37.5 -63.1%