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We have a WINNER!

The PROteINSECT Engineering Competition Results are here!



Simon Schantl from the FH JOANNEUM



The PROteINSECT Engineering Competition


The PROteINSECT Engineering Competition Results are here!

 Simon Schantl from the FH JOANNEUM won the competition with his "ENTODRYA"


 Simon Schantl is currently working on his Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Food-Management at the FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences

 At the “Dennis Meadows Future Lectures” on "Sustainable Food" at the University of Applied Sciences JOANNEUM: he held a talk on "Entomophagy and Sustainability"


 "I knew a lot about the ecological and nutritional benefits of insects, but during the research and the concept-design I found out that there is hardly any data about processing insects available. This is why I came up with an unconventional approach for the concept to dry insects with a drum-dryer. In the end I am very happy to be the winner of this competition!"




Female house flies have a longer lifespan than males

House fly larvae meal has a reported protein content of 37.5 -63.1%